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"You get insurance for it, but you never expect that your house will burn down in the middle of the night. This is when we found out how truly amazing SSK is. Not only did they coordinate and make all necessary calls for us (before dawn on a Saturday morning), they continued to call just to check on us for months after. Even though it was a horrific experience for our family, the rebuilding of our lives went much quicker than anyone could anticipate. For that we are extremely grateful."

- Poem Pitzer

SSK Turkey Drive!


Thank you to everyone who donated!  Look for photos on our Facebook page!

We are proud to say it’s back for the 7th year in a row!!!  SSK is currently accepting donations of $15 for each turkey.
SSK will match up to the first 100 turkeys, and we will deliver them to Lynden's Project Hope and the Bellingham Food Bank for the 2018 Christmas Season. Together with your help we can support 200 (or more) families!
When we receive your donation, we will mention your name here on our website and on our Facebook page. Hurry, the drive ends Dec. 14th. Thank you for your support!
Please stop by one of our office at 501 Front Street, Lynden, or mail your check payable to SSK, P.O. Box 551, Lynden, WA 98264
$15 could save a holiday meal for a local family in need!

A huge THANK YOU to the following who have generously donated:

- Dave Brumbaugh
- Zylstra Tire Center, Inc.
- Bob & Molly Green
- Patricia Hood
- Brandon Van Soest
- Miles & Selena Kleindel
- Luanne Lagerwey
- Marie Groves
- Molly Amos
- Lori Molendyk
- Sarah Whitman
- Pam Biesheuvel
- Nancy Johnston
- Lisa Neufeld
- Makenzie Neufeld
- Julie DeGolier
- Karen Kleindel
- Candace Hickey
- Brett & Pam Biesheuvel
- Lorrie Banning
- Brian & Nancy Johnston
- Ann Weber
- Paul Kenner
- Shawn & Bobbi Green
- Julie & Loren DeGolier
- Marlin & Becki Zoerink
- Daun Botta Pillo
- Nancy Lovatt
- Jenn Tallbut

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Our 7th annual SSK Turkey Drive was a big success!

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