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"I have always had a great experience with SSK. Julie has always helped me with my insurance needs, and if she is out of the office, there is always someone there to assist. Every time I have a question, it is answered in ways that I can understand without making me feel like I am an idiot! I really, truly appreciate that."

- Marcia Lathrop


Let’s face it, life is busy. It’s hard to find time to meet with your agent in their office or even talk with them on the phone. That’s why we made it easy for you. Some of the insurance companies that we work with allow their customers to get free quotes online, and we have consolidated those companies all into one place. Click the link below to fill out the form and get your quotes online on your own time! (And YES, you will get to an actual quote, online!)
Please note: these quotes rely on accurate information from you. The more accurate the information, the more accurate your quotes will be. All quotes are preliminary and need to be verified by a licensed agent before the rate is finalized. Not all companies we work with are optimized for online quotes so be sure to contact an SSK employee to see if any other options are available to you. 
In granting coverage to any of the insureds, SSK has relied on the declarations and statements in this application for coverage.  All such declarations and statements are the basis of coverage and will be considered incorporated in and constituting part of the policy issued.
You hereby declare that the statements set forth herein are true.  You also agree that if the information supplied on this application changes between the date of the application and the effective date of insurance, you will, in order for the information to be accurate on the effective date of insurance, immediately notify SSK of such change(s) and SSK may withdraw or modify any outstanding quotations and authorization or agreement to bind insurance.

The application, all supplements, written statements and other materials furnished to SSK in conjunction with this application are hereby incorporated by reference into the policy and made a part hereof. Nothing contained herein or incorporated herein by reference will constitute notice of a claim or potential claim so as to trigger coverage under any insurance coverage.
*** By clicking any icon below, you have read and understand the above Representations and Fraud Warnings. You also acknowledge that you are providing information that will be stored and that may be used to evaluate your application for an insurance policy and for other purposes set forth in the Privacy Statement and the Legal Notices.  Further, you certify that you have read, understood and accepted each of the Privacy Statement and Legal Notices. ***


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